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Name:The Dog Community
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A community for all things canine. Whether your dog is purebred or mixed, all dog owners are welcome! Post pictures, stories, questions, anything you like :)

All we ask is that you respect each other, and please place large photos (or more than 2 photos) under a cut.


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affenpinscher, afghan hound, airedale terrier, akita, alaskan malamute, american eskimo dog, american foxhound, american staffordshire terrier, american water spaniel, anatolian shepherd dog, australian cattle dog, australian shepherd, australian terrier, basenji, basset hound, beagle, bearded collie, bedlington terrier, belgian malinois, belgian sheepdog, bernese mountain dog, bichon frise, black and tan coonhound, black russian terrier, bloodhound, border collie, border terrier, borzoi, boston terrier, bouvier des flandres, boxer, briard, brittany, brussels griffon, bull terrier, bulldog, bullmastiff, cairn terrier, canaan dog, cardigan welsh corgi, cavalier king charles spaniel, chesapeake bay retriever, chihuahua, chinese crested, chinese shar-pei, chow chow, clumber spaniel, cocker spaniel, collie, curly-coated retriever, dachshund, dalmatian, dandie dinmont terrier, doberman pinscher, dog health, dogs, english cocker spaniel, english foxhound, english setter, english springer spaniel, english toy spaniel, field spaniel, finnish spitz, flat-coated retriever, french bulldog, german pinscher, german shepherd dog, german shorthaired pointer, german wirehaired pointer, giant schnauzer, glen of imaal terrier, golden retriever, gordon setter, great dane, great pyrenees, greyhound, harrier, havanese, ibizan hound, irish setter, irish terrier, irish water spaniel, irish wolfhound, italian greyhound, japanese chin, keeshond, kerry blue terrier, komondor, kuvasz, labrador retriever, lakeland terrier, lhasa apso, löwchen, maltese, manchester terrier, mastiff, miniature bull terrier, miniature pinscher, miniature schnauzer, neapolitan mastiff, newfoundland, norfolk terrier, norwegian elkhound, norwich terrier, old english sheepdog, otterhound, papillon, parson russell terrier, pekingese, pembroke welsh corgi, petit basset griffon vendéen, pharaoh hound, plott, pointer, polish lowland sheepdog, pomeranian, poodle, portuguese water dog, pug, puli, retriever, rhodesian ridgeback, rottweiler, saint bernard, saluki, schipperke, scottish deerhound, scottish terrier, sealyham terrier, shetland sheepdog, shiba inu, shih tzu, siberian husky, silky terrier, skye terrier, smooth fox terrier, staffordshire bull terrier, standard schnauzer, sussex spaniel, tibetan mastiff, tibetan spaniel, tibetan terrier, toy fox terrier, vizsla, weimaraner, welsh springer spaniel, welsh terrier, west highland white terrier, whippet, wirehaired pointing griffon
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